Thursday, May 2, 2013

Count Your Downs: 400

I thought for the next few weeks I would re-visit some old blog posts of mine and showcase how Cedar's Mountain has evolved over the past 59 months.

I know this sounds a little bit like my new series called "ReDeux!" but this is something so radically different that it will make your head spin, or at the very least, wonder why I wrote some of this stuff in the first place.

One thing that will make this post, which is #994, different from the others, is that I'll be whipping out some tags that have not see any kind of usage since the early days of this blog.

For instance, in celebration of revisiting blog post #400, I dusted off the shelf a very old tag called "Flash Fiction".

From early 2009 thru most of 2010, I became overly obsessed with flash fiction. How obsessed? Well, for that time frame, I had my own short story blog (since closed) called "Flashing Georgie's Shorts". Writing for that blog was a blast because I wrote roughly 50+ short stories for that blog. Some good, some bad, and some were in between. Strangely enough, I have never churned out that quantity of verbiage in such a compressed period of time since I closed my story blog in 2010.

This moldy oldy post from March 5, 2010 features a short piece of flash fiction that I wrote at work, entitled "Got Suggestions?"

As always, you can comment there, or comment here.


  1. hum, I thought I had commented on this post. I see not. Well, here is that comment, though it doesn't really say a lot.

  2. Charles: Very cute and very rythme-ish as well.

  3. "
    "Heaven Help Neptune"

    As her hair forms a perfect orb shape a bolt of lighting sizzles dazzling upon her. Neptune commands the rains to cease immediately!
    "Oh why didn't I think of that earlier?"{

    Don't forget to include alot of soon to be beaten up guys who insult her fashion choice..."

    Why am I reminded of "Xena Warrior Princess?" n an ending about seeing a great hair-stylist?

  4. M: Ahh, yes...back in the day when I used to inflict petty tyranny by making people do word verify AND moderate commets as well, some truly interesting word choices used to pop up.

    Snaggle: Now that's funny. Hair stylist gone mad. :D

  5. Is that how the legend of Medusa got started?

  6. G.A.: Sure, why not?

    A little updating of a legend is always a good thing. :D


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