Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Evil Lurks In The Mist

I was pretty much at a loss for what to write for a blog post today, but after what had transpired on Patriot's Day in Boston, Massachusetts, whatever I could come up with would pretty much pale in comparison.

But...I would like to think that these two particular pictures, although from a time period long ago, would hopefully convey the same message now as it did then.

I would also like to add, that hopefully, this event in Boston doesn't get exploited by our politicians (especially those in and from my home state) like last December's horrific tragedy in Newtown CT, in which 27 innocent people lost their lives.

We will rise, we will stand strong and we will sure as hell persevere.


  1. nothing so tragic that the media and politicians can't exploit it.

  2. Yes, I hope they find the perpetrators soon. How sad for all the families affected.

  3. Charles: That is for sure.

    Our junior US senator Richard Blumenthal is already using the Newtown tragedy for fundraising purposes, and our esteemed guv'nor is using the Newtown tragedy to push both a punishing gun control agenda and to kick out the firearms industry.

    Debra: Absolutely. All those innocent lives so senselessly hared and wasted.

  4. Too late...already exploited.

  5. Love that last line, G. Amen to that.

  6. M: Absolutely. Saw on MSN that the young gentelman whose pic was splashed all over the airwaves lost both of his legs.

    Bearman: Too late??? How is that possible?

    Lynn: Thankee.

  7. That's what politicians live for. Most of them.

  8. We have become immune to tragedy. Just another sad day on the world stage.

  9. G.A.: Yup, althought I'm not completely immune to tragedy.

  10. I tend to agree with Granny Annie on this one. We see and read about so many awful events now that I think we have grown immune to it all. I remember a time when you would never see a photo of a dead person in a newspaper, now it seems to be the opposite. Awful.

  11. Joe: The New York area newspapers are notorious for printing very graphic photos on and inside their papers.

    And yes, I believe I remember a time when I was a kid of never seeing the kind of photos that we see today.

  12. Both of us from New England tend to expect folks here will be smart enough not to stoop to blind violence, but we're no longer guaranteed-
    Obama's speech today kinda re-iterated parts of my blog post yesterday word for word. He wrote it himself they said... hmmmm-
    Apparently 8 yr old Martin had recently written "No more hurting people, please" n I magically channeled it without realizing...

    I'm not immune yet- n have an 8 yr old grandson, btw

  13. Snaggle: Yup.

    Will hop over to yours and check out what you've written.


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