Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Is What Happens When Facebook Becomes Your Book Of The Day

For those of you who are Facebook, you know that a good percentage of the time, your newsfeed is cluttered with strange pictures with funny captions.

Yesterday, I was inspired to get silly on Facebook, so I posted this picture:

And I asked my friends to provide a caption for it. The one who came up with the best caption would get a mention in my blog post. No problem, right?

Small problem.

It seems that since all the captions were so funny, I was unable to choose one. Since I can't choose one, I'll choose them all.

Thus, a funky story to brighten up your Sunday, which comes courtesy of the following people: Joy Redmond, Ellen Burgess, Glenda Stewart, Kelly Abell, Janet Kuziak, Michele Lavender, Patricia Gregory, Josephine Stull and Ron Barrett.

Now that's a set of balls worth licking, but words fail me so I can't elaborate on why they're worth anything. However, you must pardon me because it's snack time! What kind of snacks? Why Scooby Snacks of course! Why Scooby Snacks? Because he can, that's why!

No really, why Scooby Snacks? Because he's working on his contortionist act so that he can travel in a bag and not stay in a kennel, so he needs all the engergy he can get. Plus, once he's done with his training, he gets to eat at the Cruiseship Buffet!

"They're mine, so I can bite them if I want to! And that's how my hammer hangs? And then afterwards, I'm gonna play me some Twister while I eat my Twizzlers!"

But why do you do it?

Because I just can, and do you know why I can? I can because my jewels are bigger than yours!

Well, you certainly disproved the old myth of going blind lord, what have you done to yourself? You have broken neck! Oh wait, you have a detactable spinal column. Carry on.


  1. I think you're being MUCH too intellectual on Facebook!

  2. I considered taking part but simply could think of nothing worthy of the picture.

  3. Debra: Perhaps, but sometimes being a pseudo intellectual is the only way to go.

    Charles: I originally posted the picture here roughly four years ago when the NY Mets were doing one of their annual meltdowns. I think a lot of things in today's world, either sport or non-sport, could use this picture.

  4. Those are hilarious answers! Scooby snacks = my favorite.

  5. M: Yeah, I thought so too. I'm getting a little strange on Facebook now, so I thought I would transfer a little of that strangeness to here. :D

  6. Lynn: Yeah, that about sums it up.


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