Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 Cubed Minus 5 Squared Times 10 Equals 1,000!

The old cliche that every journey and every goal that you undertake always starts by putting one foot in front of the other, most definitely applies to this blog.

Except that this particular journey was started not by me putting one foot in front of the other, but by getting the traditional bum's rush out the front door.

My abnormal journey (yes abnormal) began when I fell victim to the current malady that has infected this country for the past five years back in 2003. In 2002, our state was hemorrhaging red ink, which like today, was due to one party being unable to practice fiscal restraint. So in 2003, I was made redundant.

In July 2003, I was made non-redundant and eventually made it back to the agency that made me redundant in the first place. In January 2004, I made the fateful decision, although I didn't know it at the time, that eventually got me to where I am today.

I accepted a transfer to another agency.

Fast forward to 2007.

I was roughly one year into my writing journey (although at the time I was a pretty sucky writer), when by happenstance I decided to comment on a news story, which in turn led me to the world of the chat rooms, where I proceeded to spend 3 1/2 turbulent years losing what little sanity I had to begin with and developing full blown paranoia. But this post is not about that.

In 2008, a cyber friend to whom I had reconciled with, suggested that I should move my ramblings over to the blog world. That way, I could still be funny, not worry about censorship issues and most importantly, I could practice my writing.

About my writing: I never did any kind of creative writing until 2006 (age 41). Until then, most of my creativity was verbal and the most writing I ever did were monthly reports and business correspondence.

So on May 24, 2008, I introduced the cyber world to my fractured little mind that is Cedar's Mountain.

About the blog name: It's partial tribute to the mountain I live next to and partial tribute to one of the most divisive chat room personas that was ever created in the latter part of the 2000's.

I will now spare everyone the overly redundant minutia about this blog and my writing that has been covered in more ways than the OJ Simpson car chase, and instead concentrate on writing a free-form monologue that pays tribute to you the reader.


When I had first starting writing this blog back in 2008, the only person I wrote it for, was me. I figured that if I had any other people show up to read my ramblings, then it was considered icing on the cake. But after doing a few months of writing for myself, I kind of got tired of writing for myself. So off I went to do the blog surfing that is part and parcel of bringing people to my neck of the woods.

Sure enough, that blog surfing paid off as for the next five years, you have honored my blog by gracing it with your presence, because to be brutally honest, my blog would be nothing without you being here to read my ramblings, to comment on my ramblings, to commiserate, to cajole, and every once in a blue moon, call me on a few of my more provocative posts (Gracias Dave Barber and Lynn).

Only you the reader, has inspired me to be my very best, which at times has been detrimental to my well being, since my high standards have exacted a toll that I'm still paying for today. Nevertheless, no matter what my high standards may have done to me negatively over the years, they are minuscule to what they have done for me on the positive side of the chart.

For if anything, they have made me keep this blog going on consistent basis for almost 5 solid years. Why? Because the one thing I have going for me, and everyone has this trait in them, is my word. I told myself years ago, and I've mentioned on this blog periodically as well, that I don't dare disappoint my readers. My readers have my word that above all they come first in this blog, for without you, then all I'm doing is sucking up space and not making a world of difference to anyone.

You have kept me going through all of my highs and all of my lows. You are what helps me keep going whenever I get down in the dumps, suffer burnout, suffer through doubt and even bouts of self-pity.

In essence, you are my friends. Whether you choose to lurk and read or read and actively comment, I treasure each and everyone of you that stops by to visit Cedar's Mountain.

So to all of my new friends, my old friends and friends that have passed me by, let me reintroduce myself to you.

My name is G.B. Miller and I welcome you to my little slice of heaven located smack dab in the middle of suburbia that is called Cedar's Mountain.

And believe it or not, I really do go out in public like my picture, 'cause you know that the world indeed does revolve around me.

Except when Joanne says otherwise.


  1. I clicked on my name, not remembering exactly what I called you out on, and got my blog. :) Thanks for the shout out.

    My friend Leisa reads my blog without comment and mentioned the other day that it's neat that the same people come to my blog after all these years. I'm glad we've developed blog loyalty

  2. If there weren't women in the world, can you imagine what us men would look like when we went 'out' in the world?

  3. I enjoyed reading a bit about you and your blog's background. And don't we ALL need a Joanne in our lives to keep us real, LOL?

  4. Lynn: I remember the post in question, which was me making fun of myself by calling myself "white trash". You took exception to that comment and called me out on it.

    I still appreciate the fact that you called me out (rather eloquently, I might add) on the comment. It definitely shows just how much some readers truly care about others.

    And you're more than welcome for the shout out.

    And it's nice as well to have blog loyalty, even 5 years later.

    Charles: We would be pretty much stuck in first gear and wondering why we weren't making any progress.

    Plus, our clothes wouldn't be color co-ordinated as well. :D

    Debra: Thanks.

    Yup, we definitely our spouse/significant other to rein us in and protect us from ourselves from time to time.

  5. My blog friends are very important to me. In days gone by we would have been called "pen pals". I don't suppose the electronic version is much different.

  6. S.R.: This is very true. I had no pen pals while growning up, so this blog (along with e-mail) has become the next best thing.

  7. Nice last line! :)

    Cheers, GB. Glad you came to the blog world, as understated a statement as that is :).

  8. M: Thanks.

    And I'm very glad that I came here as well...:D

  9. I don't know what I'd do without my blogging buddies I really don't. I've lost a couple of followers in the last few months and it still feels like a knife through the heart. I wonder what I said, or didn't say to lose them. Still that's blogging for you, you can't please everyone, I suppose.

    You've been a loyal reader of my blog for a long time now, and I thank you for that. And it's nice to see you! A fellow cap wearer as well!

  10. Joe: This is very true. I've gradually lost quite of few over the years, and I would like to think it's because the real world came tapping on the person's shoulder and thus they had to leave.

    Still, where I've lost commenters, I've picked up subscribers, so that's a plus/bonus.

    And you're more than welcome. I truly enjoy reading your blog because I really enjoy reading about life in the UK as well as when someone from overseas comes here to experience the quirkier side of life.

    I will always be a fellow cap wearer, but mine is more on the practical side, as I really don't enjoy getting a sunburn on my shiny bald head. :D

  11. G, congratulations on five years. It's a long time to share your thoughts with people you'll probably never meet face-to-face and yet the friendships that develop are genuine.

    Long may you run, G! :)

  12. Talon: Thanks.

    Not quite officially five years (May 24th is our anniversary date) but it has been a blast writing 1,000 blog posts.

    While this is true that I have not met any of my blog buddies face to face, I have the pleasure of talking to one them on the phone on a monthly basis, and you're right, the friendships that we develop definitely genuine.

  13. This blogging journey has been a great learning process: from a writing and from a personal perspective. I think whilst there can people trying to project themselves as something they are not on the whole most people are completely genuine: certainly, I think it would be very hard to keep a façade up for any length of time without true character traits coming through.

    Keep writing G:) I wish you many more years of writing success:))

  14. Jane: This is very true.

    You really can't fake it for any amount of time in the cyber world, 'cause you will be found out, one way or the other.

    And I thank you for the compliment. I wish myself continuing years of success as well.


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