Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dribs, Drabs & Drools

Hi de ho neighbors and neighborettes!

It's been quite a while since I did one of those random update posts, so I thought that now would be a good time to give everyone a few random non-writing updates about my life.

1} Dribs

Facebook: I finally came to the realization that if I waned to maximize my presence on Facebook, I needed an author's page. So, in the last week of April, I did just that.

The most interesting thing about it, besides being able to run another page on Facebook, is that I only need one log in account to use both. I can either participate as myself, or as my alter ego. More than likely, I'll do the bulk of my participation as myself. Another reason why I did this was to break up the monotony of my status updates by moving all my writing related stuff to my public page and keeping the quirky stuff to my personal page.

However, there is one drawback to this now. Because I went hog wild over the weekend (May 31st thru June 2nd) in trying to pimp my page for a contest, I have now landed in Facebook detention. What is Facebook detention? Facebook detention is where you now have to do a CAPTCHA (aka word verify)before you post a link, so that Facebook doesn't think you're a spammer. Kind of sucks, but I'll deal with it the best I can.

2} Drabs

A few weeks ago, I had entered a contest giveaway sponsored by the legendary Brandon & Bryan of A Beer For The Shower. They were giving away a free paperback copy of their novella "Lost and Found", and all you had to do to enter was to either comment about it on Facebook or on Twitter, then e-mail them about it.

Well lo and behold, can you believe I won a copy? I'm pretty excited about this 'cause it seems that this might be the book to get me back into the groove of things with my reading. Plus, if you can believe it, this makes the sixth book that I've either won or landed as a freebie in the past five years.

Life is indeed good.

And as a personal note to B&B, should they be reading this, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and as soon as get a free moment, I'll leave a review for you.

3} Drool

Speaking of life, I thought I would share with everyone a small personal snippet about myself that I rarely share with anyone publicly in the cyber world.

I have a nifty neuromuscular disease called CMT, and sadly it has settled into my hands, which in turn makes them look like the perfect shape to play the slots with (sometimes). Also allows me to call myself one of Jerry's Adults (j/k).

Anywho, I deal with it the best I can and have developed excellent workarounds to make sure that my daily existence is smooth as cat fur. One of those workarounds that I have is that I grab certain items from the top and bottom (i.e. soda cans and take out coffee) because that is where my grip is the strongest.

I rarely grab items like that from the center because lately the involuntary dropping of items has become pronounced, and one way that I attempt to counteract that is to squeeze the item extra hard until I can regroup with my other hand.

Sometimes though, I suffer the consequences of not being able to regroup. Most of the time it's no harm no foul. This time though, lots of harm lots of foul.

Short version: Three of us were trying to enter/exit a building at the same time. I get caught in the squeeze and the lid to my very hot coffee pops and my coffee and exploded all over me. 99% went on my pants and boots. 1% went under my shirt.

Repeat, went under my shirt.

Can you say, "HOLY F'N SHT BATMAN, THAT F'N HURTS!!!!!!!!!!"

Can you say, first degree burn on a most non-vital sensitive part? Can you say non-stop pain for the rest of the day?

Can you say, a good laugh was had by all at work because, let's face it, no matter how bad it looked and how bad it was described, people laughed afterwards (including myself).

And thus, we leave you with this happy video:


  1. I have yet to start an author's page on facebook. I should probably get right on that.

  2. Well I'm sorry you burned yourself and I would have never laughed! My goodness.

  3. Geez, talk about unexpected side effects! That was a high price to pay for slapstick.

    Once, when I was 6, I spilled a bowl of hot soup into my lap. The memory is seared into my brain forever.

  4. Charles: It's pretty cool. I participated in a couple "Like My FB Page" events and now at last count I have 134 likes. 'course, I had to return the favor, but it's a good trade off. More exposure hopefully will equal more sales.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    Sadly, it was one of those moments that you couldn't help but chuckle about. Fortunately, it healed after a few weeks and I do have one of those funky scars from it.

    S.R.: I've done other stupid things like that, but this one was above and beyond the stupidest, simply because it was the most avoidable.

  5. Oh OUCH!!! You OK now?

    I hadn't heard of Facebook detention before, interesting.

  6. M: I'm fine now, thanks.

    Yup, and there's also Facebook jail if you make too my friend requests or if you page gets classified as spam and things like that.

  7. OUCH! I hope it's healing well. That's gotta hurt and aren't you something to laugh it off? I would have been a cursing fool and laughter would have been far away.

    You buy any lottery tickets lately, G? Seems like you might be good for a huge draw! :)

  8. Talon: Trust me, I did a boatload of cursing that day, both at the time of the incident and at work. I eventually did laugh it off (or rather, laugh at it) once it started healing.

  9. Ouch I think I might have sniggered a bit, but that's just my school boy humour getting the best of me. Hope you are okay now?

  10. Joe: I'm doing fine now, but it took a few days for the chuckling by my co-workers to die down.


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