Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picture Me Burned Like A Pop Tart

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Not burned out (although that thought has crossed my mind) but simply burned. Went through a wickedly nasty humidity flavored heatwave this past week and we're just simply burned out from battling it, and because our disposition has turned a bit hostile, I thought that it would be nice friendly gesture on my part to soothe this tired mind/tired body/tired spirit by showing you some pictures. And you know what would be even friendlier? Showing them here!

So, here are a few pics taken early this May, sans captions. The sub heading for these pics in my flash drive is "Hope Springs Eternally", and it includes an updated pic of the world famous front yard tree. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like a happy bird you've got there.

  2. You kept getting further back from that bush I thought the last pic would be from a satellite

  3. Lynn: Got lots of happy birds in the yard as of late.

    Lots of food, water, and clean mountain air. :D

    Bearman: Satellite!

    Got one of those dish thingys on the roof. Perhaps I should take them from there next time, eh? :D

  4. Nice pics...as you probably know, I just get CRANKY when it is too hot. As if I needed a reason ;) But the hot + humid really bites. Hope you get a break soon.

  5. Humidity was nasty here today. I went grocery shopping and came home drenched in my own sweat.

  6. Pretty Azaleas! I'm the one burned out like a Pop Tart here- something went crazy with Blogger on me the other day, n the rest of those days I'd load up a page to read, then fall asleep, n wake up out of time for it!

    But Spring n especially Spring pics are spectacular- Cause we waited far too long for it this year...

    I'm in shock, btw- these are current pics!

  7. M: I don't mind the heat, but the humidity is what really wipes me out. Fortunately this weekend, I took a short walk around the mountain and it was at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade (with breeze) than the surrounding area.

    Charles: Last week, I would get into my car after work and I would be driving home in the hi 90's. So not comfortable.

    Humidity is brutal no matter where you is.

    Snaggle: Somewhat current. I took these in early May with my cheapy digital camera instead of using a disposable.

    I almost fell asleep a couple of times in my front yard, even though I was in the shade, it was just that hot.

  8. To see the world come back to technicolor is such a treat. Great shots, G. Love the birdbath!

    Yeah, we've had crazy extreme temps here...a few days where it soars to nearly a 100 and then plummets back down to the 40's. Insane!

  9. Talon: Thanks.

    It really is a treat, isn't it?

    I think the birds are finally getting used to me as of late I've been able to get some nifty shots of the birds.

    And we're back down to the 70's this week. Go figure.

    Sarah: Thanks. :D

  10. not many pictures of birds on our bird bath. It has a small hole in it and runs dry faster than we can fill it. A shame because we have a wider variety of birds than ever before.


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