Monday, July 8, 2013

Medical Update

Howdy folks!

Not much in the way of a post today and quite possibly not much might pop up this week for blog posts.

As I've previously mentioned in the comments, in a blog post and on Facebook (for those of you who are part of my circle, and if you aren't, why aren't you?), my lovely wife Joanne shattered her ankle a couple of weeks ago while camping.

Today, at 12:30p (give or take), she'll be undergoing outpatient surgery (yes, I said outpatient) where she'll be having pins and plate inserted into her ankle. Being the loving dutiful husband that I am, I'll be taking today off from work to help transport her to and fro (how the hell am I gonna get her up the stairs and into the house??) from the surgical center and basically waiting on her hand and foot.

Which means that I'll be stressed out to the max trying to keep the household from imploding, which also means that I'll have precious little down time to do anything constructive with the blog this week.

So if on Wednesday and quite possibly Friday, you see a post that can only be described as "phoning it in", you can refer to today's post for the explanation as to why I'm "phoning it in".

So feel free to send a few positive thoughts towards Connecticut during your day as they'll be greatly appreciated.


  1. I hope all goes well with your wife's surgery! Be a good nurse!

  2. Hope everything goes well. Her injury sounds very painful.

  3. As a long term (and former) caregiver, I know what both of you are going through. Be kind to yourself, too. I hope all goes well today.

  4. Everyone, thanks for the get well wishes.

    The surgery was a rousing success, although because the surgeon was running about an hour behind schedule, we gone for about 8 hours today.

    And I most definitely will take it easy, that you can be sure of, although I'll probably won't wear a white hat while I'm nursing.

  5. Eek! That is a long time. Glad she is doing well.

  6. So sorry to hear about her ankle. One of my art buddies stepped off the curb, this winter and did the same thing. Make sure she does her PT. My friend was back to our workshop,driving, with her crutches in about six weeks. But one thing she noticed is that she still tires when she has to do a lot of walking. I think recovery time is longer than people realize. Keeping you all in my thoughts and meditations. :)Bea

  7. Bea: What makes this extra tough is that she was already doing physical therapy on her knees (arthritis) so this will definitely put her back quite a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. So did you cope with all the household chores too? I'm impressed. :D

  9. Joe: I'm starting to, but at the moment I'm slowly getting burned out doing it.


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