Friday, July 5, 2013

More Musica!

See part one here.

4} Megalithic Symphony by AWOLNATION.

This band is one of the current Alt flavors of the month and I bought the c.d. for the song "Kill Your Heroes". They have two videos out for this song, but the wicked parody of Mr. Rogers is the better of the two. On the upside, I did leave a review of the c.d. on Amazon, but on the down side, I gave it three, mostly because they stuck a 16 minute track on the very end, and partially because the c.d. was a bit uneven. Still, this song really kicks ass.

5} So Much For The Afterglow by Everclear

A lot of people think that Everclear was a one hit wonder with their song "Santa Monica" from their c.d. Sparkle and Fade, but this follow up contained a few radio friendly hits as well, like the above mentioned video and "Father of Mine". This c.d. is really solid from beginning to end, and it's one of the few that I have semi-permanently stashed in my car. Art Alexakis has a wicked/poignant sense of humor and it really shows in this c.d.

After patting myself on the back with my purchases, I suddenly remembered that I pulled the old grocery store trick of forgetting to buy what I originally wanted to begin with.

So I dusted off my B&N gift cards that I had received for Christmas so that I could buy more e-books (hah!) and bought two c.d.'s by Gorillaz:

6}Gorillaz and Demon Days one of their monster hits (gotta click on the link to see it as I wasn't too thrilled with what I was able to find for a video upload).

For those of you who aren't too familiar with Gorillaz, they are an animated alternative rock band formed by Damon Albarn of Blur and Jamie Hewlett. And unlike some of the boy band or other animated rock bands that are fronted by nameless musicians, Gorillaz are not.

So while all of these c.d.s will make it to my car, some will make it to my c.d. player in my den, where I'll put them to good use while I'm transcribing something to the computer.


  1. I like the Gorillaz Clint Eastwood. Also enjoyed Santa Monica. Don't know too much else by everclear

  2. Charles: I liked "Clint Eastwood" as well, although I do find both c.d.'s to be a bit choppy, although that's probably due to not being that overly familiar with dubbing/techno/electronic music of today.

    Almost everyone has heard of "Santa Monica" (that c.d. is a good one to explore as well), because it's so overkilled on radio these days.

  3. Enjoyed "Kill Your Heroes" but too bad it was bleeped!

  4. I like both of those bands but find them a bit choppy as well, so it's not just you ;)

  5. Debra: Yeah, when they use foul language, it does have a tendency to get bleeped. I thought that version was the better of the two that are out there, simply because I'm a huge fan of Mr. Rogers parodies.

    M: I haven't gotten any further with Everclear so I can't agree with you on that, but I do agree with you on AWOLNATION and you can probably throw Gorillaz into the mix as well.


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