Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Thoughts Number Infinity To The Tenth Power

Yeah, okay, so I have nothing really on tap today. Had a grumpy week and because I decided to multi-task on a few thingys, that and a flashback to a ye olden blog schedule (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) has got me slightly skewed.


Sew....buttons on my underwear 'cause what time is it boys and girls? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's right, it's clobbering wait, its infinity and beyond! wait, it's time for Johnny wait.


I don't think often, but when I do, I call on Igor, 'cause he knows where the bestest brains are buried.


Thanks, I needed where was I? Oh yes. Slightly skewed.

Being slightly skewed has left me a bit losted...ummm...lost. So after using a melon baller to clear out the cobwebs (yum!), here are a few random thoughts of nothingness.

1} I belong to a private chat group on Facebook that has somehow makes my warped imagination and my debut novel be positively PG-13. Even better, they make one of my blogger besties sound like a PG Disney flick. Or, a better description would be Hustler for the modern generation.

2} My latest book, "Broken Promises" has passed the final hurdle and is now part of the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which means that I'll have even wider distribution of my e-book (economically priced at 99 cents). Plus, if you can believe it, I got it uploaded on the first try, which means no errors. Yay me!

3} I managed to score back-to-back weeks of job interviews. I don't think anything will come out of one of them and I'll be stunned if I get a call back on the other. Still looking for two more at my agency, hopefully.

4} This week, I actually was caught between a rock and and a hard place at work as I had four options available to me that sucked major league king-kong sized moose testicles: enter a state/union mandated retro for everyone (eventually did 50 pages worth); finish a boxing project (done); move other boxes to the top of five file cabinets (stacked three boxes high. we're talking using a step stool, my bald head, pencil thin arms and puny hands to lift these boxes people) (done); start a new boxing project by pulling out old payroll files to make more room for payroll files (doing). I tell ya, I came thisclose to turning on the radio to one of this overly caffienated Top 40 radio stations to put myself out of my misery.

5} I'm receiving even stupider e-mails from staff members, if you can believe it, and they're so bad that I got two co-workers and a supervisor politely warning me about playing nice.

6} I did have a bright spot to this grumpy week: I was driving home from the library, sitting at a red light and jamming to a non-overplayed Talking Heads song (which means I was listening to college radio), when a car pulled up next to me to make a left turn. A little girl poked her head out the window and said, "Hi!", which in turn made me smile and say, "Hi!" back at her.

7} Jenelle was finally convinced that she couldn't do the cheerleader thing for a Pop Warner football league (not Newington) because she didn't have the time needed (among other things). So after a ton o'tears, Grandmama decided to buy granddaughter a ferret.

Repeat after me: a ferret.

I got a freakin' ferret now sucking up space in the house, which is good 'cause now we got another animal that will eventually be grown tired of and will be pawned off to the adults, who of course didn't want the damn thing (called Bubbles) in the first place. Mind you, I'm not an animal hater (our house contains cat, three dogs, parrot, fishes, and a hamster) but introducing yet another four legged furball is a bit too much.

I leave you with this random thought: If I was down, would you be traveling in a Wonkalator?


  1. "buttons on my underwear" I never heard that phrase

  2. Are you channeling Grumpy Cat this week?

  3. Sounds like a mixture of the good and bad. Hope next week is all good.

  4. So far, I've been able to dodge a ferret, but it's pretty much the only thing I haven't got!

  5. I don't much care for ferrets. Sorry to hear you have one underfoot.

    #6 sounded like a Good Thing to me!

  6. Always good to have "a freakin' ferret."

  7. Bearman: Moldy oldy phrase that's been around since my mother was my age.

    Debra: Yeah, pretty much. :D

    Charles: I'm gunning for a good week next week, but with Joanne doing another follow up, it could get a little dicey.

    Mama Z: Consider yourself extremely lucky.

    Lynn: Most definitely. It really brightened up my evening.

    David: Not. I don't need another furrball potentially creating havoc with the rest of the furrballs in the house, thank you very much.

  8. What does Holly think of the ferret? Good job on the ebook and good luck with the remaining interviews! I wrote you about the book btw...

  9. M: Different planets plus out of sight equals out of mind. Ferret is caged throughout most of the day and resides on a couple of stools, so she has no contact with "Bubbles".

    Thanks and thanks.

  10. A ferret? Goodness knows that I love all of God's creatures, but ferrets leave me a little cooler than puppies, kittens, and parakeets. I have heard that they are real little trouble-makers. They'll steal your car keys and drop them down a heating grate just for kicks. Watch out for that Bubbles.

  11. S.R.: I have no intention of letting it get that close to me.


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