Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Christmas In October

We interrupt this blog with a late breaking but completely pertinent book promo of ginormous proportions!

The holidays will be here before we know it!  If you’re like me, you have at least one person who already has EVERYTHING!  Not to mention your sons, daughters, or nieces and nephews – who have so many computer games and toys, you trip over them when you walk into their bedrooms?

Instead of one more toy that will be forgotten by January, or spending money on a gift someone MIGHT like, why not go for something different. A gift that sparks a child’s imagination or allows your friends to relax and lose themselves in a world of humor, romance, mystery or fantasy – a book!

We just might have the solution and the good news is you just might get them for free!

During the month of October we have over 45 authors (including myself, who will be appearing on October 7th) to showcase their book covers, a tagline, AND a giveaway.  Every Monday and Thursday, for the entire month, different authors will show you what they have to offer! 

How does this help you?  Simple.  All you need to do is stop by Penny’s Tales, on Mondays and Thursdays and add a comment.  The more you comment, the more chances to win.  On November 1, you might get an email stating you are the lucky winner of the big jackpot! 

Keep watching – more info will be coming!

We now return you to the rest of this blog's unscheduled post. Blogging on the fly, here goes nothin'.

Folks, are you looking for a good read of three short stories from Newington's semi-premier writer/blogger who is independently owned and operated by his wife, two children and pet cat Holly, then feast (or cast, whichever is easier for you to do) on this fantastic short story trilogy called:

Available at Smashwords
Three tantalizing short stories from the creative mind that has brought you mirth, fun, jocularity and this blog for the past five and a half years. Check it out today, you'll be glad that you did.

Or, if you're looking for a little sizzle, a little sensual, and whole lot of personal revelation without being preachy, check out my paranormal erotic fantasy:

Available at Amazon and Books by G.B. Miller
Simply a steal as an e-book or in print, Line 21 will make you think twice about an individual's moral compass and their sense of purpose. Check out the book that has forced this author to cut short a book signing, be turned down for two town fairs and be banned from a Facebook video trailer event. And check out what others have to say about the book by clicking on this review link.


  1. Oct. 7! Very cool.

    As you know, I liked them both!

  2. M: Yup. Gonna see if I can drive some traffic to my book links next month.

    And thanks.


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