Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Golden Texas Tea" (pg 1)


"So look, I'm fine. There is nothing wrong with me. I'm not depressed, nor worried, stressed, hurt, thinking about killing myself, or angry at the world. I have been extremely busy, so stop calling my house every five minutes because you're driving me crazy. If you don't give it a rest, I'll stop talking to you period and you'll wind up on my permanent shit list. Understand?!?"

He understood, this time. He also understood that she meant every single word of her verbal threat. "I do believe that I've finally crossed that point of now return with her." he said out loud as he winced from the sound of her phone being slammed in his ear.

Deciding that he needed to stop the madness and get off the merry-go-round, he also decided to stop talking to himself with cliches. He also decided that being somewhat obtuse and completely oblivious to other people's verbal and physical threats, was definitely not a good way to get through life if he wanted to continue having friends to socialize with. Finally he decided that making all of these decision was making him rather indecisive.

"AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!" screamed Walter as he ripped the page the he had just printed out into tiny little pieces. "This is garbage! How the heck am I suppose to come up with something good enough to be published, when all I write is crap??" As we pull back to a wider shot of where Walter is, we see that we're n a rather large study, complete with strewn books, papers, magazines, empty food containers, and of course, Walter.

As we observe Walter going completely off the deep end, let's take a closer look at his current habitat. Upon entering, one is struck on what an incredible pigsty it had become. To the immediate left, we see a rather long bookcase stuffed with reading material. So overstuffed were the shelves that you wouldn't be able to wedge a ruler between the items to get something out. On top of this overstuffed bookcase, we find half filled containers of milk, each one in various states of smelly chunkiness. Next to each of these, we find moldy half eaten sandwiches, also in various states of decay.

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