Thursday, August 20, 2009

G's Adventures? Now! (5)

When we last left our intrepid hero, he had mailed back his revisions and was anxiously awaiting the second galley and the new cover to sent to him. The cover as you can see on the right, was done more to his satisfaction. The cover is more darker with a shade of purple thrown in, and the letters were done all in gold.
As for the galley, the errors were fixed, but he found two more that were a bit more obvious then the others. Since he didn't want to spend $100 bucks for fixing just two errors, he decided to let them be.
With everything all done to his liking, he sent his approval in. After a tense e-mail exchange with the design team over using UPS (he really don't like using those clowns) for delivering his free copy, the book never arrived*. After having a very heated exchange with the book ordering department, he was finally able to purchase 25 copies of his book to sell.
So without further ado, our intrepid hero presents to you the reading public, his very next book entitled:
Available, for the time being, through his book blog, Books by George! for the ridiculously low price of $7.50 (plus sales tax and no s & h). It is available at the AuthorHouse website, with it dropping at Amazon and Barnes & Noble by the middle of September.
I hoped you enjoyed this little journey of one man's adventures in self-publishing, and always remember that sometimes getting to the destination is just as challenging and adventurous as the destination itself.
*Okay, here's the skinny on what exactly has gone wrong in between giving my approval and actually getting the books. I gave my approval on 7/29. The book wasn't shipped until 8/10 via UPS (which I sent back a half hour after I received it). I tried on four seperate occasions to order copies of the book, only to be told that they wouldn't do it until I had gotten my comp copy. Which makes sense, but at this point, I didn't really care because the book went live on 8/4 and so far I haven't been able to advertise the fact that it's for sale. Think about this: the book went live on 8/4 and yet I can't order a single copy because I haven't gotten my comp copy to give a "final" approval on. Wouldn't it make more sense NOT TO HAVE THE BOOK GO LIVE UNTIL THE WRITER HAS GIVEN A SO-CALLED "FINAL APPROVAL" ON THE COMP COPY??? So, on the last attempt at trying to order books (8/11) I was told I had to sign a waiver stating that I was turning down final approval of the comp copy that I haven't gotten (indemify them from me asking for my money back if the book didn't look like it was suppose to. Like I was going to spend $150 just to have them re-open the file). So after another battle to get a fax number, I wound up signing the waiver and faxing it in. Depending on the publishing date of this post, will be when I actually have copies of the book to sell to the general public.


  1. Cool. Will you be selling these through your site then?

  2. Congrats to our hero for getting his book out there! I'll add your book to my birthday list. My birthday is in September so I better tell my husband to start reviewing my list:)

  3. Charles: Very much so. I have it set so that you can either do me via snail mail or via Pay Pal if you wish to use a card.

    Pay Pal is probably quicker, because the turnaround for snail mail is about a week plus. Unless I know you, then I ship the same day I receive. Plus I pick up the S & H

    I do have a link for AuthorHouse if you want to go that route. And for Amazon it takes about month or so for it to drop.

    Septembermom: Thanks. It was truly an adventure for our intrepid hero. Looking forward to your purchase.

  4. This sounds strangely like my Verizon screws up each time I try to pay online or by phone odyssy. I concluded today, they just don't want to be paid-
    Also reminds me of when right after the anthrax scare about '01, I ordered an expensive, custom violin, n requested NOT to get it thru the USPS, n you guessed it- I founnd it at The Post Office...

    Some folks are just inexplicably, repeatedly, chosen to be inconvenienced by convenience, to make them display unbelievable calm n patience when others would be hurling dishes at the wall...

  5. Congratulations!!

    Sorry you had to go through all that rigamarole, but really glad you finally have the books available.

  6. SnaggleTooth: This particular adventure reminds me of the grief I have to go through with AT&T. We have our phone, computers and cable through them.

    While the service is good (or at least, better than Cox), the customer service is a nightmare. I'm not on the accounts, so whenever something goes wrong, invariably I'm stuck on the phone trying to fix it. The last time I did it, I spent two total hours getting so aggravated that I told my mom (yes, we live at my mothers. Long story) that I refuse to deal with AT&T ever again.

    Talon: Thanks. I'm really glad to finally have the book available too.

  7. Georgie! Why typest thou in 2-point font?

  8. Mama Z: Thanks!

    Riot Kitty: Thou typest in 2 pt because thy Blogger decrees it so. When thy types the word "small" with thy proper HTML tags, it thus becomes smalleth.

    Sorry, whenever I want to insert an addendum and not take up a ton of space, I use HTML tags. Something I started using when Blogger was having problems with formatting a couple of months ago. I couldn't properly reduce or enlarge my font so I found a guide on HTML tags.

    I usually save the small font for my story blog.

  9. That's funny, cus I denounced ever using ATT for anything about a decade ago when they kept putting me on their LD when I was signed up elsewhere- without permission for the swith-over! I can relate- n they cost me too much time n bux. They couldn't even sell me gold now-

    Remember, small font squinters, you can always increase the page percent-zoom size setting on your browsers for easy reading!

  10. Well, a few years ago, AT&T acquired SBC (formerly SNET), so that's how we wound up with them for local service. LD we use our cell phones. And the bundling of the cable with the 'puter was about $50 cheaper than with Cox.

    And yes, I two very bad experiences with AT&T.

    One was when I got slammed and only found out when SNET was asking me one day what they could do to bring me back as a customer.

    The other was when I threatened to take them to court when they allowed someone to illegally charge a long distance phone call without my permission.

  11. G -

    Congratulations on getting your book published - that sounds like a labor of love.

  12. Lynn: Thanks.

    It was indeed a labor of love and at certain points, a labor of aggravation.

    Still, I was able to learn a few more things that I'll be able to use for next time.

  13. How come your most recent post doesn't allow comments?

  14. Bearman:

    I decided back in March when I first started up my short story blog that I would only post two short paragraphs on this blog as a teaser. For the whole story and to leave a comment, I would post the link to it from the teaser post.

    These teaser posts are the only ones on this blog that you won't be able to leave comments on.

    Even though that particular post is longer than the usual teaser due to the fact that I posted an excerpt from an unpublished story as opposed to the usual short story that I write specifically for that blog, it still falls under those same guidelines.

    For the most part, I'm simply trying to build traffic to that blog. I may change the guidelines come January, depending on what kind of suggestions people give to me in November (and earlier) when I'll write a post about.

  15. OK..just didn't want to be missing comments

  16. Nope. I enjoy all the comments I can get for both of my blogs.

    Means I'm actually doing something right for a change.

  17. Whenever us commenters go crazy cause the comment option is missing, we always find a different posting to comment in, don't we?

  18. I bet all those books smell great. Nothing like fresh inks and papers and covers to get my happy reading soul on fire!

    Glad you got it sorted out finally.

  19. Thanks.

    Now all I got to do is get people to buy them.

    I may try begging in a few months.



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