Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Laziness. Simple, Pure, Unadulterated Laziness.

I'm being a bit lazy today. How lazy? Well, for one thing, I'm borrowing a great idea from Travis Erwin, so I'm digging out a few of my older posts from last year. Last year, my readership was about zilcho, or pretty close to it. At that time, I wrote a few good posts that people really didn't get a chance to read, simply because they didn't really know me that well.

I'm gonna resurrect about a half dozen posts or so, give you a brief intro to each one, and let you explore the early history of Cedar's Mountain. Feel free to leave a comment either at this post or at the original one.


1} This one was a prime example by me why I hate labor unions and why labor unions are the tails that wag the collective dog known as the State of Connecticut.

2} The fear of the unknown, or rather, the fear of not living up to one's expectations was a theme that I touched on during the early months of this blog. This post is one such example.

3} Coming from the chat rooms to the blog world was something of a sticker shock to my system. It took me quite a while to get used to the freedom of saying what I wanted, when I wanted and not worrying about being censored or warned by moderators.

4} Memories.

5} Early on in my blog, one of the topics I covered was relationships. I quickly ran out of things to talk about, but I did make some extremely thoughtful posts while I was doing so. This one is what I consider to be the best of the lot.

6} Censorship. I talked about censorship a lot last year, and I managed to turn off a few bloggers while doing so. This particular one did the trick.

And finally, one about bad language. I am notorious for using foul language in both of my blogs (you already know what I do with the short story blog). With this one, I would tack on a disclaimer warning people about the content of a given post. This particular post was in response to what happened to my good friend Jannie Funster one particular week in January. It's called Select Adjective Hypersensitivity


  1. It was good to read some of your older posts. The censorship post - I do not moderate comments or state that I do, but I have removed a couple that were just blatant attempts to sell something. In other words, no real interest in my blog. Does that ever happen to you?

  2. Thanks for the links! I look forward to enjoying them on this lazy afternoon.

  3. Am I first here? How can it be, me so far far away in Canada and all you Americans so much closer to G than I? Hey! Is this Internet magic, or what??

    I have been swearing like a %*$#*#&ing %&#%*%&-er up here! It's the Canadian way. Oh, "frigging" is what everyone says here.

    Having a friggin great time here!

    Congrats on your 300th 2 days ago.


  4. Lynn: I had three blatant spam comments. Two I nuked and one I actually built a blog post around. Should added that one to this post.

    Septembermom: More then welcome. I figured I was really starting to get into a groove back then and I had so few regular readers to share it with then, I figured I might as well share them now.

    Jannie: Somehow, I can't quite imagining you swearing up a storm, but if you say your are, then I believe you.

    And many thanks.

  5. To a certain degree. I was still trying to find my voice last year, and some of my posts were of the hit or miss variety.

    When they missed, they missed. But when they hit, I was happy. Too bad that no one else was really around back then much to read them.

    However, to really have a "best of" would require me to go back and research all the tags off to the left to pick out the best.

    I may do that for New Years or something.

    Furthermore, this has got to be the longest response to a four word comment I ever made...

    Charles, I think I need to sit in on one of your classes this upcoming semester.

  6. Swearing? On the internet? Say it isn't so!

    I remember Jannie's post. Anyone who managed to be offended by it was really in the market to be offended by something that day!

  7. I don't know why that one on censorship would piss people off - you were right on.

  8. Mama Z: yeah, I couldn't believe that people got upset over a post that wasn't even hers to beging with. She just provided the link to the blog in question.

    Riot Kitty: Welcome to the fantasy world that is Cedar's Mountain.

    Anyways, I wrote that post about a few days after visiting a particular blog in which I had left a comment, only for it to be removed a couple of days later (at least I'm 99% sure). The blogger in question used to visit my blog with some frequency, but after I made that post, I haven't seen her since.

    My main beef was, and will always be, is that you should be upfront about comment moderation. If you let people know right off the bat, they will either not leave a comment, or will respect the blog and leave a comment that won't be nuked. It also helps to get a good feel on what is and isn't acceptable for the blog by lurking around for a week or so before leaving a comment.

  9. First, I love the idea of revisiting previous posts! There's so much history buried and it's fun to see it.

    On censorship: I haven't had to remove a comment yet or not approve it except spam. I get a lot of that.

  10. Pamela: Thanks. I've seen a few people do it over the summer when they were going on hiatus but still wanted to do something for their readers to let them know that they were still thinking about them.

    As for censorship, I really do find it a catch-22. I came from the chat rooms where stuff was moderated to the nth degree, so when I got here, that was going to be the one thing that wasnt' gonna be done here. But sometimes, when one part of my cyber world bleeds over into another with bad consequences, you simply gotta take action.

  11. I've removed 2 comments on my blog - but they were spam. I think of the blog as an extension of my home...and I wouldn't have a problem asking someone to leave my home if they came in and were rude to me.

    I enjoyed your "Memories" post. Memories are our personal history so they are an awesome tool to call upon in the writing process for sure.

  12. Talon: I never really thought of a blog being an extension of our home, but that is a very good comparison to make.

    We write our blog as an extension of ourselves and as such, we genuinely welcome people to it, much as we welcome people into our house. It is only fair to treat one another with common courtesy.

    As for the "Memories" post, you're very much welcome. Sometimes memories do make the best sources for our writings.

  13. Oh, yeah, a big swear-storm from Jannie, done with the greatest of love and in the best of taste, of course.


    So glad to be back. I can understand your blogging laziness. I had forced laziness in Canada as I didn't take my laptop, my folks have no computer, my brother gave up the Internet -- thus I resingned myself to my plight of beachy days and nights. Holy freaking cow was I jones-ing for the web the first few days, but became alright with it after the first week. Then did that "Somewhere In Paradise," post from my friend's computer. A break was great. Sometimes you can even take a break in your mind. Take a little trip and never leave the farm, if you know what I mean? :)


  14. A break is good thing indeed.

    I'll probably be taking a break soon myself.

    I'm getting ready to shift gears with my writing and my other blog, so taking a few days off from the internet will help in the long run.

    And I'll probably climbing the walls as well.

    Even though I was "lazy" with this post, It took me a about an hour to write, with getting the links and what not.


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