Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Thousand Pardons, I Was Most Revolting

I thought I would try something different today, in that I would write a completely frivolous post. I haven't done it quite sometime, and frankly the thought scares me.

Oh sure, I can do a post in which I play the part of an idiot emptying out a particular part of my brain for the general amusement of others.

Or, I can have a conversation with myself and become incredibly funny while doing it.

Or, even better, I can lecture about a particular topic and get my comeuppance in the end.

Sure I can elaborate about comparing myself to a comic book character, explain the phrase don't get your panties in a bunch or even how to talk trash in a PG-13 environment (this last link contains extremely foul language, reader discretion is strongly advised).

Or, I can attempt to explain why I came up with the most ridiculous title ever seen for a blog post. Like the title of this post, which I pulled from a cartoon I saw some twenty-five years ago or so. It was the most exciting part of the cartoon (which was about manners).

Or, I could give a review of the world's worst movie from the 1930's. This movie was so bad, that the only memorable line from the entire movie is a Mexican saying, "No, no senor. It is too dangerous!" I mean, this movie makes any bomb in the last twenty years look like Oscar winning material. Matter of fact, this will make a good stand alone post. Stay tuned for further details.

Or, I could write in cliches. That'll go over well, I betcha.

Or, I can give a demonstration on how I really deal with stupid people. How many of you out there in radio and t.v. land would love to see the real me in action? Even better, I can add a third part to the trinity of why certain people should never be left loose on a computer or let them come into contact with a telephone or cell phone.

Shoot, I could go on all day, inflicting random thoughts of nothingness on my good readers.

Instead, I'll just simply say (think Bob & Doug McKenzie), "Good day." and leave you with this tiny infinitesimal thought.

Contrary to public opinion, if you stick a piece of paper and a pen in front of someone, chances are that they'll not come up with something bright, but in fact, make Zero from Beetle Bailey look like a super genius.


  1. Heard of Bob and Doug for the first time last night, with my hubby wondering if they voice the moose in Brother Bear.

    This funny post reminds me of Taylor Swift's "I'm not gonna talk about that" monologue on SNL recently.

  2. What if they just draw Zero from Beetle Bailey?

    And what was the 25 year old cartoon?

  3. Jewel: I never watched much Second City when it was around, but I do remember the dopey movie that those two made, plus their version of the "12 Days of Christmas", so I thought it would be good to pull out a blast from the past catch phrase.

    R.K.: Oh man, the things I've read from people who should know better would always send a chill down my spine.

    Bearman: I was afraid you would ask that. It was a very trippy cartoon on manners I would occasionally see on Sesame Street, and one of the characters (who was drawn with three hairs on his head and a humongus yellow bow tie) uttered the phrase as the entire room was being attacked by flying fish. He enunciated each word when he said them too.

  4. Good day to you too. But when we put a pen and paper in front of someone, we can always hope for the stars to align and brilliance to flow from the ink. You just never know.

  5. It always makes me smile when people say "Everyone has a book in them". Erm...I don't think so! Just as not everyone can paint the Haywain.

  6. Joanne: So very true. Sometimes, you can get some truly inpsiring/funny/semi-brilliant stuff from the most unlikliest of sources.

    And sometimes, you can get stuff that simply scratches your head in utter disbelief.

    Joe: A book? Shoot, sometimes the only thing a person has in them is the equivalent of Snoopy's "it was a dark and stormy night".

  7. The title sounds as if you are an Asian stereotype! lol.

  8. Really?

    I never thought of it like that. I did with the post earlier in the week about sex.

  9. Random thoughts can be interesting.
    If I'm bored I know where the delete key is.

  10. I usually have a reason for posting my random thoughts.

    Temporarily stuck for something to talk about. :0

  11. Thank you kind sir, you are most generous with your confirmation of my general state of being. :-0

  12. Ah, Bob & Doug MacKenzie, we are weaned on them in Canada, of course, eh?

    And a beer...

    Well, since I'm a hoser, I'm going to take off, eh? To the Great White North, eh?

    Like now, eh?

    Okay, en?


  13. I remember that they had a top 50 hit here in the States called "Take Off (To the Great White North)" with Geddy Lee.

    The movie wasn't so hot (in my opinion), but they left a great catch phrase.


  14. Darn it, you have to put a blog out here that requires me to pour myself that second cup of coffee, pull up my chair and settle in for a while, missing the second period of the Bruins game. 'Strange Brew' my friend.

  15. I know, I must, I must.

    It wouldn't be right for me to put a blog out there that didn't contain my very best effort.

    Glad you were able to hang around for a little while, and I'm sorry that I made you miss a little bit of the Bruins game.

    Then again, with me being an old Whalers fan, am I really? :-0

  16. All I can say is "yep." Wasn't this a fun one to write? I enjoy stepping back and making fun of this whole process sometimes. This reads like you do too.

  17. Hi Pamela,

    Yeah, it was fun at that...I was really bored the day that I wrote it and I couldn't come up with anything intelligent to post about, so I went through some of my posts from 2008 for material.

    It'll be a new feature in the net month, the history of Cedar's Mountain...I got a lot of neat stuff to mine for the blog.


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