Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sometimes, Escaping Is Damn Near Impossible

For the past couple of weeks, I've been internally rocking to the music of The Who. Specifically, these two songs:


Well, the reason why I decided to latch onto these particular songs is that I've been suffering through a particularly long spate of personal/family burnout, and to me, these songs represent the kind of escapism that's been sorely lacking in my life these days.

We all need a little escapism now and again in order to recalibrate our well being, but since my escapism has been in the form of writing, re-calibration has been virtually non-existent.

For example, not many of you out there know this, but the last original writing that I did this year was back in January, which was just prior to receiving my first semi-rejection for my novel "Line 21". Once I decided to buckle down and work with the feedback that the publisher had suggested, the novella that I was working on got put on the back burner.

For those of you who might find it weird to read the word "feedback" and "publisher" in the same sentence on this blog, please check out this link for the end result of the last paragraph

When it finally came time to turn my attention back to my novella, I found that real world blindsided me with such an open ice hit, that some four weeks later, I'm still at a loss on how to dig myself out.

Right now, writing is unable to provide the escapism that I desperately need, simply because I can't get that familiar stability that I desperately need in order to write.

So my escapism for the time being is work. Which in my world, is not a good thing. Work shouldn't be a refuge from family life, it should be the other way around. But the grim reality is that the second I step into my office building, my stress level goes down and my inner chi becomes semi-restored. And on the other side of the coin, the second I step out of my office building, my stress level zooms and my inner chi drops down to what it was prior to entering the building.

So I soldier on, put up with the various physical ailments and mental strain to the best of my ability, try to find the small things in my little corner of the neighborhood that I can take refuge in, and apply my vast writing talent (such as it is) towards my blog, of which the ultimate goal is jump starting my writing again.

In the meantime, not only will we continue with our best effort to keep my real world from bleeding into my blog world, but we'll keep on trying to fill this blog with type of escapism that you've come to enjoy and appreciate during the past four years.

Because, after all, the main duty of a blog is to provide a little escapism from your very busy day.

I leave you with one last item on the agenda that stays within the theme of this post:


  1. Hang in there, sir. Escape where you can find a rabbit hole.

  2. I'm so glad someone from that publisher offered you the gift of feedback - it says to me that there is someone who cares about writers there. Soldier on, G!

  3. I hope your real world gets better, friend. But I understand the need to escape here and there.

  4. Hm, "I Can't Explain," but you just might have to ask yourself "Who Are You," as you consider your identity in "My Generation." It's the only way you "Won't Get Fooled Again."

    Sorry, that's all that came to mind for this one ... Happy Sunday to you :)

  5. Chris: Ah, Alice in Wonderland is not such a bad place to be at that. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Lynn: It was solid feedback from an editor who is also a great writer, and I definitely agree with your assessment. I shall indeed, soldier on.

    M: I'm hoping like hell that it does, 'cause I don't think I can take too much more of it.

    I need to escape in the worst way possible.

    Joanne: Well, I'm always partial to being "A Pinball Wizard" and I'm definitely not afraid of "Boris The Spider". :D

    And a happy Sunday to you as well.

  6. It might seem strange that work could be a form of escapism, but I'm glad that it is just that for you right now, G.

  7. Talon: Thanks.

    It's very odd indeed, since I've become somewhat disillusioned with work for the past four months or so, but sometimes we find refuge in the oddest places.

  8. A lot of little nagging things are bothering me as well. I sure could use a little rest. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

  9. So sorry you're having a difficult time right now, G -- I can definitely relate to needing some form of escape from the real world! Hope things will be looking brighter soon! :)

  10. Charles: I'm hoping so too. And I hope things smooth out for you as well.

    Almost like the phrase, "dog pile on the rabbit!"

    ExtraO: I think everyone is for escapism. I just want it to be on my terms, not on anyone else's.

    Lisa: Thanks.

    I'm hoping so too.

  11. I hope you boat hits smooth sailing soon, G.

  12. David: I'm hoping so too. Getting mighty tired of sailing choppy waters.

  13. Get all the escape you can get, G!

  14. Mama Z: I certainly will.

    Perhaps a little Rupert Holmes might do the trick.

  15. I know how you feel, needing to escape. I have a family of four and we live in a small home. There is nowhere to escape to. Even when I try to escape to my blog, the kids and the wife are always bugging me, wanting this or that.

    Alone time for me is a rare occasion. And more often than not, when I do find myself alone it is when I'm not wanting to be alone.

    I don't think work is the place to escape, although I can understand. At work, I only have to worry about the task at hand and nothing more. Whereas at home, there is much to consume your mind with and many distractions to keep you from finding a moment of peace.

    Hope everything gets better for you!

  16. Workingdan: I agree that work is definitely not a place to escape to, but sometimes ya gotta take whats dealt to you.

    In all honesty, the one permanent block of alone time that I get is on Saturday mornings, when I walk to the center of town to do my morning errands (banking an post office). It takes me about two hours on average, and its the only given that I can call my own. I do it every Saturday, no matter what the weather is.


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